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New Yankee Online
New Yankee Online
Interest remains strongly favorable to these on line versions of the classic New Yankee episodes from the past so we intend to keep them coming as long as we can. We welcome your comments.

If you would like a fully featured DVD of this or any New Yankee Project as well as the appropriate measured drawing containing all the measurements and details necessary to actually build the project please click on our online catalog for ordering.

A schedule of future online programs is listed here as well. See Program Schedule.

Nest of Tables - Program #812

Here is a practical project that harks back to the first half of the season: the design for this nest of drawers is based on an antique found in a Nantucket shop. A 10-drawer storage unit built of recycled pine, this versatile piece will be equally coveted by the handy person, who will want it for the workshop, and the decorator, who will want to display it on a table or hang it on a wall. The compartments are perfect for storing odds and ends like stamps, hardware or craft supplies.
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New Yankees At Work
Child's Wagon - Item #403

Each week we are going to feature a new project from one of you, our own New Yankee craftsmen, If you'd like your project to appear here, send us your digital photos with a brief description to!As a rookie, I was very pleased at how this wagon from Norm's plans turned out. This wagon is for our grandson Brady. I think there will be more wagons and toys in the future. Thanks to Norm groupie, Tom Austin, for sharing his shop and wisdom.

Chuck Kraegel, Michigan
As a rookie, I was very pleased at how this wagon from Norm's plans turned out. This wagon is for our grandson Brady. I think there will be more wagons and toys in the future. Thanks to Norm groupie, Tom Austin, for sharing his shop and wisdom.

Click here to see more projects that other New Yankees have built and shared with us. Or, send yours in to us by mailing us at
New Yankees At Work

Here is a list of the top selling items based on what other customers are ordering at The New Yankee Workshop as of the past week. Click on the title of the item for additional details and to order.

New Yankees At Work
Here at the Workshop, we love every episode, but we each have our favorites as well. Watch this space for changes, as we will be updating our staff picks section often!

Deluxe Router Station - Item #0301

Norm's original router station is the most popular shop project he's ever done. So why change it? Well, in the years since he built the first one, he's been thinking up ways to improve it. Now comes the deluxe edition of Norm's router station with an improved storage system, a more stable and easier-to-use fence, an improved top, and updated electrical hookups. These small changes add up to a more useful and versatile upgrade on the original.

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What's New At The Workshop

The New Yankee Workshop Book
Posted on 11/24/2010

We regret to tell our customers that we cannot fill orders for Norm's first New Yankee Book. This book is now officially out-of-print. We suggest those who want a copy try Amazon for a new or used book.
New Yankee Sweatshirts are Back!
Posted on 05/05/2010

Norm models new sweatshirt

Norm checking the logo
Norm tries out the new gray sweatshirt which replaces the cranberry color formerly used for this popular New Yankee item. Same embroidered logo as before. Available in two sizes, extra large and large. Warm yet light, it contains a blend of both polyester and cotton and will not fade. Price is right too at $39.95 each. Click on the following links to order yours today, just choose your size. X-Large or Large.
That's A Good Question
Here we will feature one of the questions from our viewers each week. If you've got one - click here to send it on in!

This week's featured question comes to us from Ron Shelley, and this fan writes:

Several years ago, I saw you use a tool that you custom made some crown molding. It was not a very large tool, but some beautiful moldings came out of it. I am trying to find this tool, with no luck, I just dont remember the name of it. I am living in Oregon, but I am from the east coast, and I am completely redoing my house. I cant find the colonial type moldings I want out here, so I want to make my own. HELP!

You are probably talking about the moulding machine we use from Williams and Hussey. Check them out on our "Yankee Links" section of the web site.
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